Hello Miamians, or vistors from out of town.

We’ve might’ve met on the dancefloor or on a boat. Can’t be too sure.
I was born at South Miami hospital, and went to South Miami high. My high school friends led the way to an accelerated understanding of this city. It is with them that I found my niche.
Do you remember Pawn Shop circa 2006? This place begins the story of everything. This downtown venue was large enough to house a dining area, divided somewhat by a fashion runway, leading to a DJ booth. (what’s up DJ Cardi) Then further back, to the right was a cut-out school bus, to the left an airplane model layout with seats to match, and even further back, a large room with long draping white curtains against black walls for a nighttime-daybed effect. It was two rooms, open-format, and it was cool.
One night, after it closed at 4am, home was not the answer. We asked a doorman, but where do we go? And as I see it now, this must be how most people discover it – Club Space.
Since 2006, there’s been some other options…Will Call? Corner, Eleven. Plenty to choose from now.
However, back then it seemed to be the only option, and despite our pouty pleas, the doorman rejected us. He informed us we just missed the cutoff, that ladies 18+ are only allowed before 4am. Well, we knew better for next time.
I left for school, graduated from the Univ of Florida and have a Master degree from FIU. I followed the guided path. But I soaked up Miami music whenever I could. And after twelve years, it consistently has been a passion.
All my experience. All my passion. Has led me here.