Kaskade: Blasé?

He lit a fire in our new shoes. We smiled and looked surprised.

And after dancing the night away, Moshi Moshi (our fave late-night sushi spot) greeted us with his melodic tunes, which seemed to magically follow us.

There wasn’t a DJ who could top the soul-diving exploits of his rhythm and rhyme.The harmonic singers that he collaborated with fueled the succession of hit after hit.

Phrases like “Look into my eyes.” “Will you turn it down?” “Move for me.” “I remember.” “Don’t stop dancing, girl.” “Step one two.”

They take on a whole new meaning, thanks to his contribution in house music.

Although what lies behind us is gold, and can’t be tainted or touched, the question remains: Will the artist remain relevant in the years of house music to come?

No doubt, the industry is bound to change as progressive music has seen its time. So why at the 20th anniversary of Ultra did Kaskade keep his main stage performance status quo? It was severely lacking ingenuity of surprise. My feet were bare side-stepping. Where was the fire? (Not in my shoes…)

Not to say it was all bad. Kaskade debuted his new single, “Cold as Stone”, which gives hope that he will continue to move the genre forward. However, one song was not enough for Miami locals who have been listening intently since the 2005. (“Empty Streets” – Late Night Alumni <3) Our ears, our bodies…were disappointed. As for me, I promptly left for the start of Eric Prydz where my body took full action again.

Having had the influx of great musical electronic talent since the 80’s (the start of WMC), us locals have had major exposure to a variety of beats. And as fortunate as we have been, we hold high expectations, especially for a decade celebration of Ultra Music festival. That being said, we are not ALL that thrilled that Kaskade is playing here in a couple nights. Not that we’re complaining. We hope he brings more of the sound that is embodied in his new single. Kaskade notes in an interview with Billboard that while touring Brazil the past couple years, he’s discovered a “bassy house, very raw, driven. It’s slower but very funky.” (See full story here ) What better place than to bring out this international flare than in Miami?

We hope to see more of this on Friday night when he performs at Story, not the stationary whirls witnessed at Ultra. We are here for the music, after all, and we support our DJs.

Are you fan? Have you found yourself recently disappointed? If so, will you be there Friday? I, myself, am having doubts, but am also curious…