Monday Morning Wrap-Up

Kaskade brought some uplifting tunes this weekend. Story provided the perfect venue, and is every bit as intriguing as when it opened late 2012.

It’s a special thing when the venue fills up (due to its size), and Kaskade was able to attract the numbers. There was saturation from the front of the dance floor to the very back VIP tables upstairs.

The first two hours were for show and littered with club favorites. He dropped some tribal beats (notably not his thing) and some 80’s tunes including Livin’ on a Prayer and a tribute mashup of Avicii’s levels and Don’t Stop Believing (which the crowd of course loved).
A beautiful remix of Mr. Brightside led way to the funkier, groovier part of the evening, and that’s when you could really see Kaskade work. The furrowed eyebrows, uncertainty in his body language – that’s when you know a DJ’s not working on repetition, but experimenting. This led to the best sounds of the evening.
Verdict: Worth seeing for the upbeat atmosphere- still unsure if he can break out of the mainstream mold.
Local favorite Danny Daze put on a 12-hour spectacle at Space. The buzz gave way to a solid turn-out. On his IG live feed, @dannydaze wrote, “I wanna send a big thank you to everyone who came out to Space for this 12 hour set. One of my initial dreams when I first started DJing was to be able to rock the terrace in a marathon set. I never get to play tracks like Depeche Mode remix which reminds me of the good old days…” He weaved in some funky disco for this sunrise session, and for that, we salute.