Steve Angello resuscitates Miami after MMW

For those who have seen Swedish House Mafia since they first played at Ultra 2009, it might come naturally to say, “Been there done that.” However, nearly ten years later, Steve Angello is still ripping the dancefloor to shreds. It’s amazing. A madman on the decks, he comes through with club banging busters that are a shock to the system.

He had half the dancefloor jumping up and down in unison at Story last night, where there wasn’t a dull moment…and this made up for the fact that he barely filled his 2-hour retainer. The dancers were on-point, the crowd was on fire. There were less tables filled than Kaskade last week, but still plenty filled, and the dancefloor was sheer mayhem. Perhaps Miami likes it better that way.

When we can’t get enough, we leave the tables to be closer to the DJ. That’s what happened in the closing song, which Steve dedicated to Miami. Like flies to the light, members left VIP to join the crazed mob for Florence and the Machine’s “You got the love,” a beautiful remix that we haven’t heard before. It highly resembled Mark Knight’s remix, which was the featured song of Labor Day weekend 2013 when Steve Angello made us rip up the terrace of Space with our dance shoes. That was a closing party (closing for renovation) that we’ll never forget. It was a fantastic moment last night, and for those who have been on the dance scene long enough, we appreciate the DJs that remember the fans who have experienced these wonderful things alongside with them – a long time now. It’s clear that Miami loved Steve and Steve loved us back. We hope to see him back soon.