Monday Morning Wrap-Up

Queens of the Stone Age proved that rock and roll is not dead. Lead singer Josh Homme cursed fluidly, confused Tuesday for Monday, and drank tequila to combat a cold. He called out Miami for its “untz untz” music, but in the end, agreed that “Miami, you are a rock and roll town.” Live music has certainly tapered down since electronica took off, and performances like these are few and far between.

Steve Angello spiked adrenaline and accelerated heart-rates in the heart of Miami Friday night at Story. We jumped up and down, waved our arms in the air, and desperately tried to get a good picture or video. With nearly sold out general admission, the dance floor was a pit of anarchy. Steve dished out slam after slam  – songs like “Antidote”, Supermode’s “Tell me why,” and Florence and the Machine’s, “Say my Name.” Although he barely filled his two-hour slot, it was jam-packed with great tunes, and even left some breathing room with a minimal house segment to give those footsies a break.

We were more than ok heading home at 3:30a. Steve Angello closed out his set with a special dedication to Miami –  a fantastic, new remix of “You got the love” by Florence and the Machine. Do you know how one song can summarize an entire morning/event? Well, this song summarizes a rager on the terrace of Club Space in 2013. It was Labor Day weekend, and Space was due to close for renovation. Steve Angello was playing the closing party. Mark Knight released the remix of “You got the Love” just two months prior to that party, and we were overly consumed on dance floor. We are thrilled Steve remembers, because I think he disappeared at some point off the stage never to return – a little too much tequila if memory serves correctly.

Cinco de Mayo was celebrated with a Tribe of Denial event, hosting major DJs Roger Sanchez and Oscar G. The tribal dancers are something you might see at a club, but what made this party unique was the addition of two drummers, one on bongos and one on snare. They played all throughout the night to the DJs playing our favorite songs. It was a classic Miami party – hot, sweaty, and impossible to stand still. The tributes to Avicii continue, but Oscar G played a particularity nice one with “Wake me Up” in sync with the drums. The S-man shut it down, taking it from the drums and beats to some beautiful melodies, as he is known to do. It was a well-put-on performance for this sold out show.

If you were able to carry on through to seis de Mayo, Pan-pot treated the terrace from 6-9a. They are a bit dark with their bass-bumping, sound-grinding style (particularly when compared to Danny Daze’s funk-set-list last week). But the crowd was drawn in.

Last, but not least, the S-man surprised us Sunday night with another DJ set at 1-800-Lucky, which is becoming our new favorite venue. If only some of us didn’t have to work on Monday!