Another reason to love the UK: Hot since 82

He first headlined solo at Club Space April 12, 2014. The morning was delightful. The vibe, a little eerie, but cool. We pumped. We talked. The groove, the energy was unforced. I remember walking around that place having the time of my life. The song he was known for at the time was Green Velvet – Bigger than Prince (Hot since 82 remix).

Daley Padley has been on the decks since the turn of the millennia at seventeen years of age. The Brit began playing 12-13 hours sets at a club in his hometown, and from there, word spread. He landed a residency at Cream Ibiza in Amnesia in 2006, and six years later, the Hot since 82 identity was born. The very next year, he was performing here during MMW.

Then early 2014 happened on the terrace. Little did I know, the impact of first seeing him that fateful morning would hamper my later experiences. Just four months later, I saw him Labor Day weekend at Story with Pete Tong, and the performance by both of them was lackluster. Ever since then, I haven’t been able to shake why was that morning so special? Why did it sound so good? I knew it would be good. But, it was surprisingly wonderful.

I’ve decided two things. One: his sound was different, especially for the year 2014 when everything was progressive (think Duke Dumont) and Two: he’s a Brit who started playing in a Space environment at a young age. He’s been conditioned to play at an afterhours venue where the beat goes on and on. And this is where he shines. He’s not the kind of talent you put into a 2-hour set time and say, “Go!”

That being said, if it weren’t for Mother’s Day, I would love to catch him on the terrace again. Although he hasn’t released anything yet for 2018, I do believe it will be another great morning, one that sticks maybe forever if you haven’t seen him before. Here’s my playlist if you’re on the fence about going! click here (embedded playlists coming soon)

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    • Yes, you most certainly do! I just learned 2014 was a huge year for him. He was featured on the cover of MixMag, headlined the Creamsfield festival, and launched his own label, Knee Deep in Sound. If you’re trying to get a taste, he’s on Soundcloud with a 4 hour set featured from Buenos Aires. I’m listening now, and it sounds good!