Loco Dice Fever is Unavoidable

It spreads like wildfire with just days to go – a rampant, energetic force that zips through the Miami dance scene, similar to MMW. It’s the lighting bolt that tells you the storm is coming, and it won’t be quick. You also don’t want to miss it.

“Take next Monday off, LOCO DICE is on the Space Miami Terrace Saturday May 19th.”

That’s the meme promoting the event, and it sums up the surge that is underway at this very moment. It also makes a valid point. This DJ is known for his marathon sessions. It won’t be two hours, or four hours. We really don’t know how long it will be.

One of the best two parties of my life was headlined by Loco Dice during MMW 2014 at the Surfcomber’s Used and Abused pool party. The sold out party was filled with ridiculously good music. It started with Oliver $ who premiered his “Pushing On” song, followed by Hector, Robert Dietz, Guti, and tiNi. Loco Dice wrapped up the festivities with a three-hour set, which be-it long for a pool party, was barely long enough for him.

The first hour was just foreplay, and by the end, the crowd was holding on to every song with their sweaty, slippery bodies because each song might be the last. The cosmic powers from the speakers that were penetrating our bodies, we didn’t want to stop. He left everyone with a stupid smile that lasted hours afterwards. You could say we orgasm-ed to him. (I was sober, BTW.)

That being said, you need at minimum three hours to hear this German DJ. I’ve seen him in London SW4 2015 in a two-hour slot, and it was just bad. A lost set without anything to grab hold of. But that won’t be our concern this Sunday. We get hours and hours of Loco Dice, which Miami can’t help but be partially thrilled, and partially sentenced to a hypnotic state of lunacy. Space rarely allots “Anytime arrival” tickets, but here they’ve made an exception. So go early without sleeping, or take a cue from me, and sleep before hitting the dance floor. Sunglasses required! Even if it does rain, which right now, looks like it will.

Although “playlist” isn’t what you think of when it comes to Loco Dice, my favorite song to display his work is “Go” by Moby. Listen to the original, then listen to his remix. From that comparison, you can note his unique style, and how he can make music his own, into a different kind of great. Two of his top ten tracks on Beatport right now have been released this year – “Positive Vibin'” and “Roots.” Here’s the playlist I’ve gathered (click here), but most of us already know who’s IN and who’s OUT. Catch you out there!