Monday Morning Wrap-up

Odesza was the best show of the weekend, kicking us off Friday night. The heavens seemed to agree as the rain stayed away. Their music brought out the soul of Miami at this all-ages dance party. The venue was packed, and attendees were more likely to rave than shuffle. The duo played their hits, some of which were slightly nuanced to make the performance feel special. A colorful, neon stage paired beautifully to the music, and the finale ceased with unexpected confetti and an overwhelming, dreamlike feeling that the show never even happened.

Three blocks north, Justin Timberlake performed at AAA. It seems the future for him lies in guitar-playing melodies that seem to rightly fit his maturing journey. The Michael Jackson dance moves feel old and repeated.

Later on in the evening, Afrojack played at Story. He delivered the same drops and beats we’ve been hearing the past five years. The DJ looked like he was having a good time, and the crowd was sentimental after hearing a tribute of Avicii’s “Hey Brother”. But what about the music? “Take Over Control” was released almost eight years ago, and Afrojack is still playing it. Also, there are good, grinding sounds, but his sounds are a screeching, makes-us-want-to-cover-our-ears type. (See his new release “My City”.) Here has to be the worst performance of the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday mesh together. If you were in it for the long haul, Saturday started with an uplifting set by Galantis at LIV. Their set sent some good vibes throughout the place. No one wanted to go home at 5am, unless you had tickets to Loco Dice at Space. Then, the trip over the bridge brought upon hours and hours of loony-bin activity. Loco Dice wore a long-sleeved shirt for this marathon set, with “HELAL MONEY” on the sleeve, which is “Hello Money” in German. And yes, the set was certainly money. It was hard to break a dance move at sunrise due to capacity. He along with the crowd were having a great time. And we knew eventually that long-sleeved shirt would have to come off.

Cocodrills wrapped up the weekend at 1-800-Lucky for a chill, warm, tech-house kind of evening. I think Miami was all tapped out by weekend’s end. Luckily, we have a little hiatus with Memorial Day weekend! Where is everyone flying? 🙂