Gabriel & Dresden: A long-time love

These two have produced stellar hits without reaching today’s hallmark fame, as is the case with Tiesto or Above and Beyond. But do not be fooled. Their lack fame does not indicate a lack of success. In fact, I would hail they have been wildly successful in carrying on an identity that is truly their own since 2001. Whether it’s their first released remix “Travelling On”, the timeless tune “Tracking Treasure Down”, the journey of “Arcadia”, or newer tracks such as “Waiting for Winter,” it’s been a pleasure to know and hear the production of Gabriel & Dresden.

My first live exposure to this duo was in 2014. They played at Kingdom in Austin during SXSW, and they played not for a packed crowd, but the set was so lovable. I think I smiled the whole time. I thought 2014 was late, but here we are in 2018, and some house heads still haven’t heard the beauty of a G&D song.

Gabriel & Dresden, whether people know it or not, are legends. They have advanced the trance genre, where even Above and Beyond praise them for their uniqueness. “We need Gabriel & Dresden in our life. It’s always been like that. Their remixes changed our map. Their first album was a masterpiece of bleeding heart indie electro that pulsed with the rarest thing in our scene: a clear and compelling personality. They were the black light. They were the only competition we had. They sounded like nobody else but we all played the hell out of their tracks anyway. Then they just stopped. Time slowed down.”

They are referencing the weird period of EDM (2013-2016) when Gabriel & Dresden felt the inertia in the musical space, too. At the end of 2016, in an interview, they stated, “The trance scene has changed significantly over the years…for a while (the last 3-4 years) it’s felt like music has had to subscribe to 1 or 2 formulas to succeed. When we got into that trance scene, music was always about melody. It didn’t matter if it was an instrumental or a vocal, it had to be musical to work on the dance floor. And we feel that’s coming back. In a big way. (and if it doesn’t, we’re gonna make it) ;)”

Thank God for their tenacity because their vision is coming to fruition.

For Ultra’s 20th anniversary, they played at 1pm Sunday, which is a sore understatement of their influence the past 17 years. In the eight Ultras I’ve been to since 2008, it was the earliest I had ever shown up – and it was to see them. Granted, not too many people were in the mega-structure that housed Carl Cox both nights before, but it was nice to be alongside dedicated fans who know the sound of G&D too.

Rarely do Gabriel & Dresden come to Miami outside of MMW, and this weekend, we are blessed to hear them spin at Trance on the Terrace at Club Space. This is the second rendition of the party which was first held in January. Now, whether or not you are in Miami, if you haven’t heard of Gabriel & Dresden, I urge you to listen to this playlist. Their songs have been a part of my life, hallmarking different periods of my own journey. I’m so looking forward to a reunion with them, and grooving in harmony with the trance family there tonight!

Set time list:

10-11p: Veniice

11-12a: Kristina Skyy

12-1:30a: Mark Sixma

1:30-1:50a: Haliene

1:50-3:45a: Gabriel & Dresden

3:45-5a: Jochen Miller

See you out there.