Monday Morning Wrap-Up

We liked the new wave tunes Oliver Heldens put on on Friday at Story. Cocodrills kicked it at Treehouse.

If you didn’t know, Friday nights at Space is still a thing for the 18+ crowd. The downstairs housed Waff, which packed in all the young ones, and the upstairs hosted Trance on the Terrace, headlining Gabriel and Dresden, who were every bit as good as expected. However, the turn-out at 3am was alarmingly disparate. G&D were killing it, and the terrace was almost empty. From a Gen Z perspective, our 20-year old scout, Chronos, says, “the younger generation loves dubstep, riddim, and bass house, and older is more techno, deep house.” G&D have been promoting their new album (“The Only Road”), and in other places, such as Chicago, debut 7-hour sets. Miami is clearly not ready for that kind of trance phenomena outside of MMW.

Flight facilities played an early DJ set Sunday morning, and Victor Calderone brought in the sunrise. Vibrations were high as Victor brought out everyone’s best.

Dirty South also promoted his new album (“XV”), who played Sunday night a pool party at SLS Hyde Beach. Perhaps a pun to line up with his new song, “Night Walks?” The crowd here was also sorely lacking, and everyone seemed way too drunk from partying earlier in the day, but there were some dedicated fans who danced with arms wide open. A great DJ and producer, he chose Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” as the tune to interweave throughout his set. Some versions we hadn’t heard before. He displays an uncanny ability to make old songs sound new. Last night, his set included a nuanced version of “Phazing” and a little bit of “Let it Go.” Twelve years and more we have been hosting this DJ, and we need him around more often. He is one of the ones that is dedicated to moving the genre forward.

Robbie Rivera played at Racket in Wynwood for a late afternoon Sunday party. (This will be interesting to watch. If it develops into something more, we could have a new 1-800-Lucky on our hands.) Speaking of which, Roger Sanchez closed out the weekend at 1-800-Lucky with a special birthday celebration set. He is one of the best deep house/vocalist DJs out there, and his sound fills any space that he plays. It’s almost as if you have to breathe harder because the music is competing with the oxygen. He closed up shop for the summer in Miami and is headed to Ibiza! He’ll be back in October for the next Tribe of Denial event. The past two months, 1-800-Lucky has hosted the best free party on Sunday nights. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should.