Capriati. Wow.

It’s now Tuesday and the vibrations from Sunday are still being felt from Joseph Capriati’s marathon set at Space. No video can expose it. You just had to be there to get it.

This is the Year of Capriati. His sound at Ultra this March left onlookers wide-eyed and wide-mouthed, which is why his visit 7 months later was a must-see.

He played 4a-4p, and it was the first time I ever saw the sun rise AND set while at Space. This is because:

  • Space usually closes at 2p
  • In the 11 years I have been going to Space, I have only stayed til close once before (and that was still at 2p)

So THIS was special. That I felt compelled to stay. Meanwhile not on drugs, the world played an optical illusion on me as the sun kept moving over my head as I looked up from dancing. Because time felt like it was standing still.

The music was trance-like. “Mesmerizing”, or “captivating,” are not the right words because people were able to multi-task. (Imagine everyone rolling balls and not talking.) I’ve seen it before. The music is too heavy, or the drugs. But no, no. People on Sunday were drinking, dancing, talking, laughing all throughout the day. Smiles radiated across the terrace. AND there was room to dance.

Oh, I also ran into my best friend. What?!

The last reason I like to think I stayed so long was because of the general group of people that lasted. They made for such a good time! Some out-of-towners, some locals. I even met people who drove straight from EDC Orlando to Space…and made it until 4p.

Now this last statement to me is peculiar because 1- did cool people stay because the music stayed cool? or 2- did the music stay cool because the crowd stayed cool? We’ll never know! It’s really art at the end of the day, the combination between fan and DJ. You can’t isolate a color and say that’s what makes the painting. It’s all the elements combined. But, I do know good music. And Capriati did not fail. Let’s get into the specifics…

There was an unusual aspect to Capriat’s set, and that was the build. Typically, an artist comes through and plays the best of their best between 6-8am, but for Capriati, his primetime started at 10a. I remember this because at 9 I thought I might leave, but 6 hours later I was still there, techno-bumping and dancing to just a few vocal tracks, almost all of which were outstanding. Green Velvet’s La La Land was a good throwback moment, and maybe the only throwback that I recognized.

Another aspect I liked about Capriati was his smile. Now, maybe I’m just a sucker for smiles, but when you see the DJ at 4p still smiling-wide (not a drug-induced smile, just a true happiness kind of smile) then you know it’s been a good morning, a good set, and everyone is happy.

He did play tricks on the crowd. I don’t know starting at what time, but he would lower the volume I think to gauge the audience’s attention to him, and everyone would go “WHOAAA” “Noooooo!!” haha start whining like little children, “Please! It’s so good. Don’t take it away!!” And then Capriati would laugh and bring it back and keep playing. That’s a tease, all right.

The last thing I’ll mention about Capriati was his attention to us. I’ve seen DJs turn their back to the crowd for far too long. He wasn’t there to get wasted. He didn’t just disappear as I’ve seen other DJs do from getting too hammered. He shared his love with us. And maybe that’s another component of why the vibrations are still resonating with us today!

Capriati, I raise my Corona to you my friend! Keep doing what you do. Sunday was a day that I’ll remember for a life-time. 🙂

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  1. This post gave me chills as it was exactly how I felt about the entire event!!! He made it impossible for me to leave. He just kept getting better and better!!!