Exclusive Q&A with Ivano Bellini

Q. Since 1991, you’ve helped shape the Miami music scene. You began on South Beach at places like Opium Gardens and Nikki Beach, and when Space opened up, you became a resident DJ there. Are you proud of what you’ve helped to accomplish here in the 28 years of influence you’ve had?

A. Yeah I’ve been here a long time. I even started before the clubs you mentioned, like Le Loft, VanDome, Bash, and the Living Room. I think the Living Room was the first club that really mattered in my career.

I am proud, musically, to be a big part of the success of some of those clubs. I can look back and fairly say, “I’ve helped create something.” I put my mark on the South Beach club scene and music scene, doing my thing…I hope doing my thing the right way by keeping true to myself, playing the music that I love, and having people come and listen to me. I mean, I hope I DJ the right way for the right reason, which I think is kind of missing these days. But yeah, it’s been good. Thanks to that I’ve been able to do what I love, to travel the world, and make a decent living or a nice living. I’m proud of what I did. Looking back, it’s been pretty cool. 

Q. You’ve been spinning at 1-800-Lucky at some of the Under the Radar parties. How has that been treating you? Are you enjoying the Sunday night scene?

A. With Under the Radar, it’s actually the first party in a long, long time, where I’m really, really enjoying the vibe. It’s really cool. It’s a mix of the location, the neighborhood, the night of the week because it’s a Sunday, so it’s not the weekend crowd. It’s a little more local, a little bit better, a little more educated, musically i mean, and adult. I like the vibe because it’s outside. We start really early in the afternoon and build from there. I like the music programming that Roger’s been able to do. I’m having a ton of fun. I’m really enjoying myself there and the music that I can play. I can play a little more eclectic. I play some Afro-sounds, some Afro-latino-cuban sounds. Some Deep Stuff, a couple of classics. A couple of real house stuff, and grow from that. I go into stuff that will be a bit more chunky.  I’m really enjoying the vibe there, and the party. I think we’ve been doing something really cool there since we’ve started. I think it was April or May. I’m looking forward to my set, preparing the music, finding new stuff to play every week. It’s been really cool. I can’t wait for the next one.

Catch Ivano Bellini tonight at 1-800-Lucky and see what he means about the scene. See you out there!

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