What is life?

Here we go. 13 months of pandemic. What are we doing? Do our legs even know how to still dance?

I went to Lucky on Friday, April 2nd, and that place was swarming with people standing inches from each other with no masks. And let me tell you. I’m not sure if it was Lazaro or Oscar G, but “Set you Free” by Guz had me dancing like I was a sexually pulsating bandit released from captivity. It was so liberating. It took 13 months to feel that sexiness and vivaciousness in myself, brought out by music and the scene. (It was my second time out dancing in a year – the first being the Oscar G drive-in in September.)

I love dancing so much. I think I will be one of those old people at 80 still rocking high-tops and getting my vibe on at the local underground club. Music is a fountain of youth. Drink from it, and may you never age a day past your 20s. Music unites us all. I’m so thankful for it. How much has it helped us through this time of abnormal living? The existence of music in my life, albeit experienced in different forms from normal times, kept something in my life consistent. When the world seemed to be towering over with ashes, suffocating us from a COVID volcano explosion, my Spotify, Apple Music, TWITCH TV, vinyl records were all there to soothe me. Cajole me. Comfort me. Accompany me. I could connect to music even if I could not connect to another human in person.

Music has brought no greater joy, except that of possible love. And maybe music is a conduit to love, which is why we treasure it all that much.

Looking forward to summer 2021 to see what all unfolds.