Mamma Mia

What a weekend. We had Loco Dice this past Saturday poolside at Goodtimes, the new Vegas-style hotel on South Beach owned by Dave Grutman, owner of LIV, STORY, etc. Loco also played nighttime at Floyd. Maceo Plex spun a marathon at Space. Cocodrills played Sunday night at Lucky. It seems like things are shaking up around here, without a mask in sight, especially since curfew was lifted a couple weeks ago.

This means, Miami is making a comeback.

And I for one, am not complaining. With most of the country still on some variation of lockdown, it’s about time people rediscovered their souls via dancing, grooving, communicating, jiving, powwowing, whatever you want to call it. Skiing. Yes, the party has picked up almost without missing a beat.

And in attending the Goodtimes pool party, it seems like party-goers are still fish-out-of-water. Not that people are shy with their personal space, but imagine a whole bunch of 18-year-olds going to a college party, with their eyes in a starry-eyed surprise. That’s kind of the vibe that was going on at Goodtimes. Maybe because it’s a new venue. Maybe because it’s post-pandemic. Maybe because people are post-shock. Maybe a combination. Either way, the best way to explain the party was awkward. Awkward in a good way. Awkward in the sense that it’s new, it’s fresh. The music wasn’t crazy good, but it was good. (As we know, the DJ vibes off the crowd and vice-versa…so not the magical combination for this Saturday afternoon.) But it looked good. And surely this venue will take on its own essence. With a Vegas style pool setup, it’s bound to bring in some big names.

It’s the only party I got to witness first-hand, but I gotta say. I’m welcoming the change that’s in the air. Looking forward to letting the good times roll.