iii points shines a light

It was a weekend of liberation, of soul nourishment. The beach breeze seemed to cast a charm on the key. And in its charm was clarity. We saw with naked eyes, artistic, humanly expression centered around music – something that’s been void in Miami the past 15 months.

The reckless abandon, the kindness on people’s faces, the deep appreciation for what we were all there to experience. It was where peace met welcomed chaos. Nature contributed with its sun, sand, wind, ocean, dust, dirt, rocks, trees. Humans contributed with their spirit, music, food, drinks, expressions, security, cleanliness. Technology contributed with its lights, sound, moving displays (shoutout to the massive disco ball that moved!).

And I know the word magical is overused, but this quite frankly, was a magical time in Miami, and it will not be repeated – just because of the sophisticated layout, reduced capacity, freshness of people on the scene, and the authentic love. I mean, the whole weekend was filled with so much spirit and love – more so than I’ve seen in quite some time at music festivals.

It’s as if locals and out-of-towners were humbled by recent history, and showed up with genuine earnestness. With a lot of egos left at home, many of us with very low expectations, willing, hoping for any taste of the musical life we once knew and shared, we were brought back to life with the vibrancy that a weekend like this provided. I think most of us were willing to take anything, and this was a well-executed, never-before-done “secret” event weekend on Virginia Key.

There was connection. I spoke with so many people. They’re all pretty special because my weekend would not be the same without them. And so I want to give a sincere shoutout to all the people that made this event happen. The odds were stacked against you, and you succeeded!! THANK YOU!

Now let’s get into the music. Here are some highlights, based on my opinion, which also considers the opinions of those I spoke with. Take what you want and leave the rest!


  1. Luciano – Gorgeous sunset set. I was guardrail and would make friends that I would again see same time, same place on Saturday. It was fun, magnetic. I didn’t leave the rail once.
  2. Thunderpony – He’s a local who brought the heat to the stage Friday Day 1, setting up for Luciano at sunset. We expect the best from the big names, but when a local, rising star makes headway like that, recognition needs to be given where recognition is due. He is definitely one to watch out for. I really enjoyed when he dropped a remix of, “Deep End” by Foushee. That was a fun way to get the crowd hyped up.


  1. Green Velvet – MVP – wow. I’ve seen him before at Space which was a b2b set with Mark Knight?? I wasn’t impressed. But this set. This set was a shirtless, booty-shaking, threesome-making, set your spirit free kind of experience. I made friends in this set at the guardrail. It is simply one of those sets, you cannot properly into words. Afterwards in the parking lot, an old friend was blasting what happened to be Green Velvet b2b w Carl Cox on SoundCloud. I definitely recommend finding that set if you want a taste of what these two hours brought out in people.
  2. Michael Bibi – comes in close second as he opened up for Green Velvet. This was a banger, where the crowd just went nuts from the very beginning. I’ve seen Bibi before at a Epic hotel pool party during MMW in 2019, and his set was just okay. So again, this was a very welcomed surprise. The bartender (front left) told me, “I’m going to jizz my pants so hard when he comes on!” And LOL I saw her 5 minutes after the start and she was losing it, hugging her bartender friend. This brought laughing and smiles to my face. We’re here to be happy, joyous, and free. I got confirmation from others and got the most reactions on IG from the Bibi clip I posted; as some telltale signs, this guy rocked it.

Notable mentions:

  • Gerd Janson – I saw just 10-15 minutes of the closing of his set and wow. He might of made it into my top 3 had I seen his set versus Green Velvet. He is definitely on my radar of DJs to catch next.
  • Eric Prydz – Oh PRYDZ. This was also a special set for me. Closing out the festival with my new guardrail friends. I really just let go, and had a different kind of experience. Not in my ranking for similar reason above. Seeing Prydz at Ultra’s 20th anniversary in 2018 stands out, with the 3-D imaging display, acoustics, set layout, space to dance near the front of the Carl Cox tent. I feel like Prydz toned it down as some point before his set ended at iii points Saturday night. It didn’t have a legendary finish, but again, it’s Prydz. And he can do what he like – and we’ll probably like it anyways. 🙂
  • Dixon – I saw a very good video and have historically heard very good things about him. He’s on radar.
  • Trikk – Another one I did not see, but heard good things. On radar.
  • Danyelino – I do not know why this guy has not gotten more recognition. I have been seeing him spin at Space Techno Loft since 2009?? I mean, the guy dropped music Saturday that other artists do not set up the beat for. There is something special about this guy. He was playing b2b with Brother Dan. But the real gems I think came from Danyelino. Put him on your radar?

I’m not impressed list:

  • Bedouin – wanted its Miami fan base to go deaf. I really don’t like it when DJs try to “fit” their set times. Luciano was on the money. Bedouin felt like they were trying too hard following Luciano. I’ve seen them before at Wynwood Factory, and it seemed they played more authentically there. With 20 minutes left, they were killing the music selection, but the bass was just far too much to handle. Not worth listening to any music over that ruckus.I did like when they dropped an intercession of “California Dreamin.” It made me want to dance, a welcomed refresher, but as a whole, the set fell flat, with what seemed like they were making up for with decibel levels.
  • Black Coffee – He didn’t have an easy job coming on after Bedouin. He also had to deafen the crowd. I was half way back in the crowd and it sounded like he was drilling out eardrums. No need for that. I did like his remix of Purple Rain. That was pretty. But in general, the set felt very much commercial.

Alright, that about does it for the iii points Monday wrap-up. There’s more to say on last night’s Lazarus soirée at Space Park, the official closing party for the iii points/secret project festival. But a woman needs her beauty sleep. 😉