Miami Vampires

It was a terrible weekend in the name of house music and energy.

With all the hype surrounding the arrival of Ricardo Villalobos spinning in Miami, publicity was setting up this weekend to be a grand follow-up to iii points weekend.

Unfortunately, it was an ugly turnout. Not on part of the DJs, as the talent delivered, but ugly on part of the patrons. I could not believe it was the same city that so joyously partook in this ethereal, suspended time-and-space event three weeks ago.

What happened?

Well, on account of Ricardo Villalobos at Space Park Friday – let’s just say I went in with rainbows and butterflies, finally able to see him after missing him at the infamous MMW 20th Anniversary Cocoon party at Trade in 2019. And it went from starry eyed wonder to a deer-in-headlight look that had me shook by night’s end.

You might say, “Well, it’s techno,” or, “The crowd is known for being weird for Ricardo.” No, no, no. It was perhaps the ‘scariest’ crowd I’ve seen since Space 00’s days. In fact, I’m pretty sure I recognized a couple faces from those days. Feelings/memories I’d rather forget. It’s as if the crowd came out of the deepest, darkest recesses of Miami for this event, to say, we’re not gone yet.

Not to say everyone met this criteria. I met a fellow music blogger, her friends, and a former music event partner. But the good energy people were few and far between. And as the sun set, it seemed we all were drawn out of the crowd to find shelter towards the back.

It got to a point where I was physically repelled by energy to enter the center again. Stepping on the grass was like crossing over the Berlin Wall. I could not ethically do that to my body/temple/Self. It was as if an energy wall had been built in a matter of hours. On the outskirts, I was confirming my intuition. I started first by asking the girl in the bathroom line and she laughed. She didn’t want to admit it immediately, but after some coaxing her for an opinion, she nodded her head, saying, “Yes, it’s weird crowd.” Then I met a couple sitting on the sofa under the tent, and they confirmed, that they too were having to stay back from the middle. Then, all the way in the back, I saw the group of eight guys on a bachelor party weekend, who I met upon first entering. They were also needing reprieve.

By 9p, two hours of Ricardo, I was texting my friend to possibly pick me up – as I kept close to the group of eight. The energy was that bad. And at least with them, I felt some safety. In my 16 years of clubbing and music events, this night qualifies as Top 3 bad energy events.

My friend who picked me up was asking what the crowd was like – and I described them as heavy, almost zombie-like, lifeless. And she said it sounded like they were all on Ketamine. I thought it was more so a Heroin effect. I know Molly is going for $200/gram nowadays, if you can even find it. Only the darkness will know what went on that evening.

I came home, cleansed that energy off me best I could, and woke up knowing I had Boris Brejcha that evening. I did not want to go. But like falling off a bicycle, sometimes you get back on and try again – especially if you’ve already purchased tickets.

Well, this time I went with friends, so I felt strength in numbers walking back into that place. And I could almost immediately tell, it was going to be a better night. The crowd did not have that crude heaviness about them.

However, although being a younger demographic for Boris – the energy again was not there. In fact, a group of people would come up to friends and me as we were dancing, and leave us feeling drained, so much so, we had to sit down. This is what is known as Energy Vampires, people. They cannot internally generate power to support a beaming aura, so they take the happiness and energetic fire of others. I didn’t even realize it until a friend pointed it out. Later on in the evening, we would shun them energetically, turn our backs, not engage in conversation – and we would be able to continue dancing in our own right – although sometimes not easy to fully enjoy if such usurpers are standing in aura, which extends 6 ft beyond you. (Is it a coincidence this is also pandemic measure of influence?)

And I will illustrate the difference in what is instead constructive interaction, the interaction we look for when we pay for a house music event. Later in the evening, when the vampires finally left us, I saw a young female, by herself – just trying to enjoy herself. Mind you a lot of the crowd was not invested in the music. Too much talking. Not enough dancing. Barely legal kids at VIP tables, too nervous to show authentic expression, or know anything about anything. I KNOW this about the crowd, because Boris threw down his newest track, “Spicy,” which is a fire track – and it seemed like I was the only one who lost their marbles while dancing. Wow. That was so good. And I can glow thinking on that. It’s just unfortunate that the majority of attendees did not plug in like that. Or at least the attendees that I was close enough to witness.

Back to my point, the girl. She had these big black sunglasses on, tinted so dark I couldn’t see her eyes. She wore all black. Height 5’2. Hair in pigtails. And when I thought hope might be lost for all, especially the younger generation, she and I had our moment. I stood about 2 feet from her, chucked a smile her way – maybe she would see it, maybe not if her eyes were closed – but she smiled softly back – and I knew she saw me. We acknowledged each other’s presence and joy. And I turned my head back towards the DJ, knowing with amplified energy now that one other person was appreciating this as much as I was. We were now sharing and building something bigger than either of us alone. This is etiquette. This is called being in the music.

It’s not for show. I didn’t go up to her to start talking incessantly. I didn’t throw my hands in her face to get her attention. How crude and vulgar it is for a being to mess with others’ auras that way. It’s not pleasant or cute – especially if you’re a 40-something-year-old doing it.

Energy exchange is an art. We bring the best of ourselves and share it with those worthy of it. That moment with that girl, is what house music is about. No words needed.

So the spirits soaring on Virginia Key and Damian Lazarus at Space Park three weeks ago, seemed to be pummeled over by a certain darkness, lameness, lifelessness this past weekend. A dull beating that made my energy contract, not expand.

There were some shimmers of light – as mentioned by some essential interactions I had – but generally speaking, the bad outweighed the good.

I was happy to sell my Ricardo ticket for Sunday at Space, and instead spent the day at the beach with my best friend. Sometimes, all you need is that quality time with people who build you up, not tear you down.

Word to the wise: Protect your energy. And if you choose to be on the dance floor, be highly selective, Miamians. We are living in different times.

iii points secret weekend energy has already escaped us.