The Dream Life

Here I am. Drinking casaamigos. In the pool at the 1 hotel. Overlooking the sand dunes and ocean. And I’m standing in the same place where I would introduce myself to the notorious DJ Luciano.

Cher. Madonna. Luciano. One-name names are iconic. And this was an iconic setup.

Having posted up at the 1 starting Saturday, I made the move to Treehouse instead of the downtown venture to Space. Why? Because Treehouse is two blocks from the hotel. And Eli & Fur was playing.

Eliza Nobel & Jennifer Skillman (Eli & Fur) 🤣 get it?! Female rockstars.

It was only Eliza playing last night but she was wicked good. I have a whole auto-shazam set to share with you.

So fun news is…Luciano just secured a residence in Miami. So it looks like for the foreseeable future, we will see much more of him.

And the cool thing is…Luciano is a funny guy. One of those people that likes to crack jokes and have a good time. How refreshing. I have met many DJs that are surprisingly introverted. Not this guy. He’s a charmer and a laugher. 

I was proposing a possible project to Luciano. And once he told me we could connect on WhatsApp I perhaps over-gushed with enthusiasm. And his friend ushered us all out of the pool.

When opportunity strikes like that, a girl can only keep her composure for so long. But it seems like a career as a publicist is in the making. I’m looking forward to curating the best channel of events, parties, and people that Miami has to offer.