Running a music Company

I love feeling my emotions, but the truth is – the world keeps spinning. We are constantly being asked to heal, create, and give. I wonder what planetary species came to Earth on the comet that passed us by recently. Was it Arcturians? Pleadian aliens? I hope whatever it was, was a strong force – a guiding force to aid the world in being more balanced/aligned.

Running a company isn’t easy, especially when you work with international vendors and partners with abnormal sleep/work schedules. But, I know this is what I was born to do.

Perhaps love is like that. You really have to find the thing (in case of work) or person (in case of relationship) that you want to see at its worst – because things ARE GOING TO GET HARD.

There have already been a handful of times with my company where I’ve wanted to give up, thinking, “There is no possible way I can continue to do this.” And then some inner force outshines that thought to say, “But you must!”

Perhaps I’m writing this post because I’m yet at another juncture that seems daunting and unpleasant, and such is the case when you want to see something come to life. Living the “dream,” which is really a person’s best reality, comes with times of struggle, perseverance, setback, doubt, and many times just straight up hard work. There is a little child inside perhaps all of us begging the question, “Can’t this be easier?!” But the truth is, we’ve been given tools to succeed, to conquer, to manage, even if it is just one foot at a time.

I’m learning a lot about myself and the world at large as I go through this process of entrepreneurship. The veil of illusions is so thick. I’ve been snipping away at it awhile now. The illusion suppresses creativity, but the truth is we are all very capable. You just have to have the right people in your corner advocating your capacities. And to be honest, sometimes we just have to build ourselves up.

So this is me, helping to build all of us up. You can do it!