Love triumphs

My creativity has been on a rocket-ship since music week.

So much writing. So much processing.

I am healed.

Love keeps no record of wrong-doing, and that includes self-love. If you are giving yourself shame or guilt, as a means of punishing yourself, those aims are fruitless. You couldn’t have known what you know now.

I feel raw, but I’m also filled with radiance. 

Whatever I come into next will be fresh and mature.

I’m no longer in bondage to past pain. The past is in the past. Every day is new. And I get to live the life I want to live, treating people kindly, treating myself kindly. This is called a living amends.

I hope my healing helps to heal others. 

Perhaps Love has no face. I see it in my dog. I see it in pictures with my ex. I see it when I look in the mirror (and I don’t look as awful as I feel lol). I see it it in my mom. I see it in sunshine.

My God is a good God. And I have everything I need and want. If someone wants to add to my life, great, otherwise I’m doing fine because that’s what God has blessed me with.

Listening to the world will be the death of many souls, but listening to Light is the start of rebirth.

My heart soars again, in a way of celebration of truth and light.

What is for me cannot be stopped. And I will treasure it dearly.

I am love. And no one can take that from me.