Shadows and Light

Have you heard of Franky Rizardo’s new song, “This Energy?”

Lyrics go something like this:

She still love for you.

She say she ??

They do not know what they do.

They don’t know saying that their shit. 

Proof of emotions.

They drunk on their problems.

And yous was on board when it started.

She notices she ain’t the same.

She’s trying to stop playing games. 

Love the wounds in the session.

All of those who are listening.

Don’t miss the message, judging me.

You cannot fuck with this energy. Ah.

It’s a good song and probably relevant to the season of change. It’s spring. Ahhhh

Love is in the air! And not how you think. This period has been about exposing the shadows that hold us back. There’s been so many revelations. And that only paves the way for “this energy.”

This is a season for new energy. Fresh energy. We have our shadows, but we’re capable of harnessing the light.

“I am the way, the truth, and the light. No one comes to the Father except through me.” -Jesus

Jesus is how we know love. And love is how we know God. And we need love, particularly self-love, which is the “way, truth, and light.”

We need forgiveness. Including forgiveness of self. We need to shine, people!

It hasn’t even been a month since this layer of music week awakening, but here we are, post-eclipse. Is everyone feeling ok? It’s ok if you’re not! Some are still roughin’ it. Hang in there!

I’m grateful to have solid memories of self before I started giving my energy probably in unevenly yoked relationships. I’ve been a party girl. Probably always will be one, even as wife and mother lol. It brings me joy. It hasn’t been about the party though, it’s been about the respect, time, and devotion.

And I’m just gonna keep resonating on that frequency of joy, self-love, and self-respect. When we do that, everyone benefits. Let the others who don’t understand what your “normal” is fall away, because they’re probably not your tribe.

Cloak yourself in love and watch your world be transformed.

Lights on, please. (Snap snap) It’s showtime.