The re-welcome of Rockville

God, it feels good to be in a place that’s heavy on the black eyeliner.

Two minutes into the music being turned back on due to bad weather, Bullet for My Valentine is kicking off round 2. I’m walking into GA, looking for VIP, when a young man from behind me comes running up near me and throws himself to the ground in an orangutan battle-cry, jack-a-rolling off the ground using his shoulders to assume a normal human walking position. This happens in a flash, but I notice the barbarism immediately.

I’m back at Rockville.

Meanwhile, this warrior’s friend trailing behind him makes no indication that anything outside of the norm has occurred. This is the new normal for the next 4 days.

So Rockville came and went, and I’m not the same person.

I met someone pretty special. He’s a rocker. He explained to me how rock music is rooted in exposing real human flaws compared to the catchy pop songs that keeps things light or falsely illuminated. I had to admit, EDM is a bit rooted in the falsity of grandeur and euphoric emotions. DJs and their fans go through real shit, too.

“Just because a song is 4-5 min and is catchy doesn’t mean its better”

It also doesn’t mean that we (rock fans) don’t deserve to be happy.

He mentioned how rock has deteriorated to where it’s at. “I don’t like what became of it.” I can only assume this statement means the culture isn’t what it once was.

What is obvious though is that young people keep up the tradition of rock and roll. There were plenty Gen Z’s in attendance, dressing the part, and even some babies in the audience (yes, Rockville is an all-ages event). 

As my friend who attended the last day only excitedly exclaimed. “We’ll never be in the 90’s again!” So it was everyone’s chance to go back to a simpler time.

It was a fun eclipse from real life. People camped overnight, sang karaoke with strangers, and hula-hooped the day away. Music it seems, at least when it comes to rock and electronic music, brings people together.

These are the two genres that I vibe with. 

We had a friend flying into the crowd like a bat in the night, coming in and out as he pleased. It was always funny to see him fly right back to join our crew.

A phrase I picked up that weekend, was being “dialed in,” which is almost the same as being tuned in. I appreciated this new take on words.

So yeah, I met someone, but he doesn’t live in Miami! So what’s a girl to do.

I wonder what next Rockville will look like. In the meantime, MusicPass is coming along and that’s the focus this summer. Music events are in the bag. I did 25 events in 60 days. I don’t think I’ll do that ever again. 

This is mid-thirties. I’m proud of my accomplishments. Now, it’s time for the next chapter.

Keep shining, people. The world needs your light, honesty, and love.

Heal heal heal.