Miracles occur

Thirty minutes after I wrote my last blog post, my entire weekend changed.

It went from nervous and mopey to laughing and smiling. God surely hasn’t forgotten about me.

After declining the first guy who asked me to dance at Do Not Sit, I realized it was up to me to turn things around, that life could be joyful if I let it. So I told myself if someone else tonight asks me to dance, I’m going to say, “Yes.” 

I’m happy I did.

I met a respectful man of courage who brought a smile to my face. Not with false bravado, but the real strength that a woman hopes to meet.

There were five things I needed that were provided: someone new, fun, and attractive, respect, physical touch, empathy and understanding of past, and display of genuine friendship.

I wasn’t expecting a win this large; but that’s the miracle of Self. 

Sometimes the learning lessons of life can really put you in the dumps. And for what it’s worth, I must’ve aced my last test of “connecting the dots” so much so that I was rewarded with something light, refreshing, and real.

I had to push myself to be open to new experiences again. I had to act with courage. And in return, Courage met me.

It’s been pretty painful to get to where I’m at today, so that can make Courage a hard bar to pull up on, but I did it. And the gift I got was receiving this guy’s empathy. It sounds like he went through something similar, and it is incredibly healing to hear your words come out and someone meets your gaze like they KNOW the truth you are speaking.

I’m not so lost at sea anymore. I’m not alone. And I’m in a season of wealth and abundance.

It was 30 hours of fun in the sun, from sunrise to sunrise. Newly single and not a Florida resident, him and I played out the story that got him to his plane Monday night.

He’s another Virgo. Born on September 11th – can you believe it? I guess some people have to have that birthday. But yeah…another Virgo…

Third time may be a charm, but I also know Life is willing to surprise me. So I’m going to let it.

What a nice surprise. LFG!!!