Monday Morning Wrap-Up

The past couple of weeks, Oscar G has been spinning the back room of Coyo Taco for MURK Mondays. This has been the best Monday night party we’ve seen in a while.

Saturday, Hot since 82 took to the terrace and delivered what we expected – some eerie tech house that can still seem euphoric. The turn-out was surprising. Mother’s Day didn’t keep the night crawlers from showing up. Otherwise, a tame week on the dance front.

Another reason to love the UK: Hot since 82

He first headlined solo at Club Space April 12, 2014. The morning was delightful. The vibe, a little eerie, but cool. We pumped. We talked. The groove, the energy was unforced. I remember walking around that place having the time of my life. The song he was known for at the time was Green Velvet – Bigger than Prince (Hot since 82 remix).

Daley Padley has been on the decks since the turn of the millennia at seventeen years of age. The Brit began playing 12-13 hours sets at a club in his hometown, and from there, word spread. He landed a residency at Cream Ibiza in Amnesia in 2006, and six years later, the Hot since 82 identity was born. The very next year, he was performing here during MMW.

Then early 2014 happened on the terrace. Little did I know, the impact of first seeing him that fateful morning would hamper my later experiences. Just four months later, I saw him Labor Day weekend at Story with Pete Tong, and the performance by both of them was lackluster. Ever since then, I haven’t been able to shake why was that morning so special? Why did it sound so good? I knew it would be good. But, it was surprisingly wonderful.

I’ve decided two things. One: his sound was different, especially for the year 2014 when everything was progressive (think Duke Dumont) and Two: he’s a Brit who started playing in a Space environment at a young age. He’s been conditioned to play at an afterhours venue where the beat goes on and on. And this is where he shines. He’s not the kind of talent you put into a 2-hour set time and say, “Go!”

That being said, if it weren’t for Mother’s Day, I would love to catch him on the terrace again. Although he hasn’t released anything yet for 2018, I do believe it will be another great morning, one that sticks maybe forever if you haven’t seen him before. Here’s my playlist if you’re on the fence about going! click here (embedded playlists coming soon)

Monday Morning Wrap-Up

Queens of the Stone Age proved that rock and roll is not dead. Lead singer Josh Homme cursed fluidly, confused Tuesday for Monday, and drank tequila to combat a cold. He called out Miami for its “untz untz” music, but in the end, agreed that “Miami, you are a rock and roll town.” Live music has certainly tapered down since electronica took off, and performances like these are few and far between.

Steve Angello spiked adrenaline and accelerated heart-rates in the heart of Miami Friday night at Story. We jumped up and down, waved our arms in the air, and desperately tried to get a good picture or video. With nearly sold out general admission, the dance floor was a pit of anarchy. Steve dished out slam after slam  – songs like “Antidote”, Supermode’s “Tell me why,” and Florence and the Machine’s, “Say my Name.” Although he barely filled his two-hour slot, it was jam-packed with great tunes, and even left some breathing room with a minimal house segment to give those footsies a break.

We were more than ok heading home at 3:30a. Steve Angello closed out his set with a special dedication to Miami –  a fantastic, new remix of “You got the love” by Florence and the Machine. Do you know how one song can summarize an entire morning/event? Well, this song summarizes a rager on the terrace of Club Space in 2013. It was Labor Day weekend, and Space was due to close for renovation. Steve Angello was playing the closing party. Mark Knight released the remix of “You got the Love” just two months prior to that party, and we were overly consumed on dance floor. We are thrilled Steve remembers, because I think he disappeared at some point off the stage never to return – a little too much tequila if memory serves correctly.

Cinco de Mayo was celebrated with a Tribe of Denial event, hosting major DJs Roger Sanchez and Oscar G. The tribal dancers are something you might see at a club, but what made this party unique was the addition of two drummers, one on bongos and one on snare. They played all throughout the night to the DJs playing our favorite songs. It was a classic Miami party – hot, sweaty, and impossible to stand still. The tributes to Avicii continue, but Oscar G played a particularity nice one with “Wake me Up” in sync with the drums. The S-man shut it down, taking it from the drums and beats to some beautiful melodies, as he is known to do. It was a well-put-on performance for this sold out show.

If you were able to carry on through to seis de Mayo, Pan-pot treated the terrace from 6-9a. They are a bit dark with their bass-bumping, sound-grinding style (particularly when compared to Danny Daze’s funk-set-list last week). But the crowd was drawn in.

Last, but not least, the S-man surprised us Sunday night with another DJ set at 1-800-Lucky, which is becoming our new favorite venue. If only some of us didn’t have to work on Monday!

Steve Angello resuscitates Miami after MMW

For those who have seen Swedish House Mafia since they first played at Ultra 2009, it might come naturally to say, “Been there done that.” However, nearly ten years later, Steve Angello is still ripping the dancefloor to shreds. It’s amazing. A madman on the decks, he comes through with club banging busters that are a shock to the system.

He had half the dancefloor jumping up and down in unison at Story last night, where there wasn’t a dull moment…and this made up for the fact that he barely filled his 2-hour retainer. The dancers were on-point, the crowd was on fire. There were less tables filled than Kaskade last week, but still plenty filled, and the dancefloor was sheer mayhem. Perhaps Miami likes it better that way.

When we can’t get enough, we leave the tables to be closer to the DJ. That’s what happened in the closing song, which Steve dedicated to Miami. Like flies to the light, members left VIP to join the crazed mob for Florence and the Machine’s “You got the love,” a beautiful remix that we haven’t heard before. It highly resembled Mark Knight’s remix, which was the featured song of Labor Day weekend 2013 when Steve Angello made us rip up the terrace of Space with our dance shoes. That was a closing party (closing for renovation) that we’ll never forget. It was a fantastic moment last night, and for those who have been on the dance scene long enough, we appreciate the DJs that remember the fans who have experienced these wonderful things alongside with them – a long time now. It’s clear that Miami loved Steve and Steve loved us back. We hope to see him back soon.

Monday Morning Wrap-Up

Kaskade brought some uplifting tunes this weekend. Story provided the perfect venue, and is every bit as intriguing as when it opened late 2012.

It’s a special thing when the venue fills up (due to its size), and Kaskade was able to attract the numbers. There was saturation from the front of the dance floor to the very back VIP tables upstairs.

The first two hours were for show and littered with club favorites. He dropped some tribal beats (notably not his thing) and some 80’s tunes including Livin’ on a Prayer and a tribute mashup of Avicii’s levels and Don’t Stop Believing (which the crowd of course loved).
A beautiful remix of Mr. Brightside led way to the funkier, groovier part of the evening, and that’s when you could really see Kaskade work. The furrowed eyebrows, uncertainty in his body language – that’s when you know a DJ’s not working on repetition, but experimenting. This led to the best sounds of the evening.
Verdict: Worth seeing for the upbeat atmosphere- still unsure if he can break out of the mainstream mold.
Local favorite Danny Daze put on a 12-hour spectacle at Space. The buzz gave way to a solid turn-out. On his IG live feed, @dannydaze wrote, “I wanna send a big thank you to everyone who came out to Space for this 12 hour set. One of my initial dreams when I first started DJing was to be able to rock the terrace in a marathon set. I never get to play tracks like Depeche Mode remix which reminds me of the good old days…” He weaved in some funky disco for this sunrise session, and for that, we salute.

Kaskade: Blasé?

He lit a fire in our new shoes. We smiled and looked surprised.

And after dancing the night away, Moshi Moshi (our fave late-night sushi spot) greeted us with his melodic tunes, which seemed to magically follow us.

There wasn’t a DJ who could top the soul-diving exploits of his rhythm and rhyme.The harmonic singers that he collaborated with fueled the succession of hit after hit.

Phrases like “Look into my eyes.” “Will you turn it down?” “Move for me.” “I remember.” “Don’t stop dancing, girl.” “Step one two.”

They take on a whole new meaning, thanks to his contribution in house music.

Although what lies behind us is gold, and can’t be tainted or touched, the question remains: Will the artist remain relevant in the years of house music to come?

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