Ok post-pandemic era: not only am I older, but my feet are hella out of shape for a night of wearing heels dancing.

I wasn’t the only one.

Last night was Gorgon City at DAER nightclub. I really enjoyed the aesthetics of this club. It was my first time going, and things just worked like clockwork. Entry. VIP. Beverages. It was fun.

So somewhere around 2:30am, I was consciously reviewing my dance history while trying to ignore the fiery pain coming from floor. I used to wear heels ALL the time. So many hours of music in heels. The ratio of my history in heels versus non-heels is probably still above 50%. I didn’t wear a flat pair of shoes to Space until well after four years attending (after 2010). Wedges would see me kick it on the dancefloor, sometimes up to 12 hours at a time. I remember the shame of a closing party at SET during Miami Music Week 2012 where I wore some posh flat sandals. My boyfriend at the time reassured me. It was our 11th party in 5 days, we had just come from Ultra all 3 days – they understand why I’m wearing flats on a Sunday night.

Fast-forward to 2023 when sneakers are standard! Not to mention, there’s about two years where no one wore any high-heels at all.

So I made it last night from dinner at Kuro to dancing hardcore for Gorgon City, to even dancing to the post-DJ “Festival Nun” until 4am. I went almost 7 hours.

And these are tried-and-true heels, not some new pair.

All that to say, I was in awe of my former self. So many hours of dancing every week in a pair of heels. For YEARS. Perhaps a decade. ???? like sometimes up to six times a week lol. What a wild foot fetish history.

I would even physically jump up and down beneath the DJ booth at LIV. I remember those heels. Tried and true. And one day, I twisted my ankle from doing this and sat down at the main VIP booth to the right when facing the DJ. It was some lux couple, but I was in so much pain, I had to sit down.

That’s when I stopped jumping up and down in high heels – like fives years into my dancing career at 22 years old. But I still wore the heels. I still wear them today.

But man, it was a rude awakening. Either I need to build some endurance or skip the dinner and go straight to the club.

I mean, who doesn’t like a good heel? Yes, we live in an era that says, “Oh, but it’s so bad for you.” Dude, this is Miami. I’ll never forget going to see Atrak at what was SET’s new name? Anyways, young women were wearing ripped jeans and sneakers. I wanted to shriek in horror! What happened to the standards of South Beach? We have or had something called class – as I wore my neon green bodycon and danced like a maniac (in heels) to his set. This isn’t Space. Wear some heels.

So I’m currently flexing my feet on my sofa, so grateful for these legs that let me express myself. But I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the days of dancing six nights a week in heels. 

Girl, you did it. Now it’s time to watch a movie.

Thank you for listening to my PSA.