About Me

Miami is a funny place.

You can meet someone on the dance-floor, then on a boat, and then find out you now work at the same office – all by the age of 24. True story.

At age 13, a sk8rboi told me I just had to go to this show. It was the 2002 Blink 182/Green Day concert in West Palm Beach. I hitched a ride with four sk8rbois with one of their dads driving the minivan. (Literally “Hitchin’ a Ride” to my first concert ever.) My parents are still clueless to this day that I even did such a thing. I slept over at a friend’s house.

As for house music, at South Miami Senior High, the word “Ultra” used to be whispered in the hallways. It was not for the cool, but for the weird, esoteric, or lame.

At age 15, I was a sophomore taking summer school classes (not because I failed, but because I was in a magnet program). One of the girls in my class told me she would go to D&B events. I asked, what is that? She’d explain, Drum-and-bass events, on like a Wednesday, and go to school on no-sleep. I thought she was crazy. That’s just too wild. But the following year I would find myself at full moon drum circles on the beach on weeknights, also barely sleeping before school.

At age 18, after a late night at this club Pawn Shop (amazing club actually with diner-style tables surrounding a fashion runway leading to the DJ booth, with schoolbus seating to the right, airplane seating on the left, and huge room in the back with beds and big billowy ceiling to floor curtains), my friends and I would discover after-hours. We were clueless of where to go. We asked the bouncer. Looking back, that must have been how most people discovered it – Club Space. Unfortunately, women under 21 could only get in before 4am. So the following weekend it was on.

As you can see, I’ve lived an accelerated program of Miami culture digest. I graduated top 10 in my high school class. I went to the University of Florida on a full scholarship. I earned my Masters degree from FIU. Education certainly kept me grounded in this whirlwind that has been Miami music.

Now I set my sights to create a company that protects and nourishes our beloved music scene. Please follow musicpassonline.com as I pioneer a new approach to experiencing music. An approach that keeps the experience as human as possible. <3 Love you guys