The rotation of love, money, and disappointment

Love is the most celebrated gift on the planet. So why do so many find it difficult to find?

Love is like a currency, and perhaps looking at money will provide the right illustration for understanding the environment of love.

The money that comes through South Beach clubs has usually been dominated by one ethnicity or another. First, it was the French, then in the ‘00’s it was the Saudi Arabians. Later the Koreans, and now in 2023 it’s the Chinese that are dropping wads of cash for a few hours of fun. 

Some people equate love with money, which isn’t factual, but for the sake of this illustration, we’ll use it. Miami clubs have gotten a lot of love the past 30 years, albeit from different prominent sources all over the world. Should Miami be appreciative nonetheless? If the French can no longer give their support, why shouldn’t Miami accept the support of the Saudi’s? And so on and so forth…

This is the rotation of love, money, and disappointment. We will always have all three of these in our lives, just in different stages, in different amounts, and from different sources.

I willingly admit that sometimes I can get caught up in the past. This website was created in 2010, and I love documenting and looking back. However, life is a moving chess game. A dance. We rotate into love, and that love takes on various shapes and forms. Miami rotates, in with one trend and out with another. Money comes and goes as a young boyfriend was wise enough to know back then. 

And disappointment. I haven’t touched upon that yet, but the reality is that disappointment, too, is a part of life. Every single person you know well will at some point disappoint you. It’s disappointing the music scene isn’t what it was pre-smartphone. OK, we deal with it. It’s disappointing your loved one does something hurtful. OK, we deal with it. It’s disappointing when your auto-shazam doesn’t catch the track in time. OK, we deal with it.

I think so much unhappiness lies in the resistance to disappointments. When if only young people (and old) could understand, it’s just a way of life – and that’s how we know grace.

Perhaps I’m learning grace. If Miami can be so graceful about the developments that have taken place here (and at a rapid pace!!) then imagine what we could do with our minds and hearts, if we just let the change occur.

Disappointments will come whether we choose change or not. I think it’s best to keep with the dance, step in time, and rotate with the rhythm of the world. That is what we’re meant to do here after all, isn’t it?